Based on ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Hieronymus Bosch


Rain has stopped. An altar to pray for a better world.
Everything looks on the verge of exploding. Intermission.
All animals congregate, exchange naked people for gold.

Love, betray, love again. A choreography so cold,
a song of pure madness played for a sole audition.
Bodies unknown: ombligadas and culeadas. Swaying world

of ruffians, compadritos, prostitutes, mestizos told
to form circles in the middle, vieja milonga, a large incision
pulling in strength in all directions. Days of gold.

Music gathers speed. Here a group of men hug, fold
as dried fruits, insects, releasing fingers with permission.
Languid frenzy, trusting to be held by a world.

A tango ritual of fertility turns pure horses into pigs, old
unicorns, leopards. A loop of quadrupeds, an addition
in the center of the picture: you. This figure in gold.

Against a garden of deceits. Glass bulbs, cracked moulds
towers of intricate venomous roots, in return, a vision
of humans as pink ants, ready to embrace this world
dying under a blue sun. Our lake, four streams of gold.