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Magma 72, The Climate Change Issue, edited by Matt Howard, Fiona Moore & Eileen Pun

Looking back to now from a few hundred years ahead – if there are humans to look and literature that’s survived – people might expect to find many climate change poems. But would they? What would such poems be like?


Rachael Mead Beaufort Scale for Depression
Helen Moore Tip # 5: What not to say whilst online dating
Ben Smith Alternate Histories
Patrick Sylvain Ego
James Goodman Swallow
Sarah Gridley Insofar
Leo Boix Villanelle (Un Paisaje)


Magma 72 Editorial It’s easier to imagine we can grasp climate change when our own weather unsettles us. The icy Beast from the East howled across England as we finalised the call for submissions. We seared through 2,000+ poems while scientists were talking not greenhouse but hothouse. Our summer editorial meeting was interrupted by a London thunderstorm and…
Grievous Bodily Harm Karen McCarthy Woolf and Dominic Bury talk climate change, grief and decolonising ecopoetics This is an excerpt from the article. Read the full article in Magma 72 * KMW: I write to you from Hedgebrook, from a log cabin in the woods, next to a waterfall. A short bicycle ride brings me to a beach called…
Inspired: Jen Hadfield Jen Hadfield is inspired by James Goodman’s unpublished poems (and a Trump protest) This is an excerpt from the article. Read the full article in Magma 72 * In April, Magma got in touch to invite me to write a poem for their Inspired series. What an excellent feature: it’s the most natural thing in…
Magma 72 online reviews The Built Environment Emily Hasler Liverpool University/Pavilion, £9.95 The Masses Giles Goodland Shearsman, £9.95 Fast Jorie Graham Carcanet, £12.99 Emily Hasler’s The Built Environment blurs the boundaries between the artificial and the natural. We can stumble on a brick structure and find it as inevitable as a meandering stream. A pond can be a lively…
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