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Magma 70, Europe, Edited by Susannah Hart and Paul Stephenson

We wanted to include as many voices as possible in this issue in order to do justice to the breadth of the theme. We hope that you will enjoy this poetic exploration of Europe.



Sarah Juliet Walsh Le Rêve
Maureen Hill St Helena
Amit Majmudar Overheard at the Dionysia
David Clarke Invitation
Stephen Elves Cargoes to Brexitland
Dmitry Blizniuk Fracturable Things
Julian Stannard The Perfect Italian Subjunctive
William Stephenson A Dream of Belgium in Two Halves


Magma 70 Editorial Europe When we first decided on the theme of Europe for this issue, we sent out a wide-ranging 12-point call for submissions. We knew, just a year after the divisive Referendum vote, that we would of course get Brexit poems, but we wanted to invite a much broader exploration of what Europe means to each…
Around Europe in Poetry Festivals Paul Stephenson interviews Eleanor Livingstone, Director of StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival, about her experiences of poetry festivals across Europe To what extent do you consider StAnza a European poetry festival? We are more broadly an international festival, in terms of the poets and events we present and partners with whom we work, but we…
Georg Trakl: A Visionary Poet in Europe INTRODUCTION TO TRAKL When it comes to poets of the First World War we tend to think of Owen, Sassoon, Brooke, Rosenberg etc., but pass over the equally worthy equivalents on the German side. What of radical linguistic innovator August Stramm (1874-1915), or complete unknowns like Wilhem Klemm, Anton Schnack, Hugo Ball or Alfred Lichtenstein?…
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