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Magma 48 is full of beautiful poems and deliberately not-so-beautiful poems. There are new poems by Eavan Boland, Polly Clark, Philip Gross, Jen Hadfield, Jacob Polley, Clare Pollard and Karen Solie and the usual cornucopia of Magma poets from well-known poets to two who are published for the first time, plus all five of the 2010 Gregory Award winners. And as for writing about poetry, the print edition has Eavan Boland, Karen Solie, Laurie Smith and ten well-known poets giving their favourite beautiful poem, not to mention reviews of twelve new collections. See below for a taste. It’s easy to from our website.


Terence Winch Off the map of love
Jen Hadfield The Ambition
Charlotte Gann Lotus
Abigail Parry Cat
Helen Mort Beauty
Michael McKimm At Allihies, Co. Cork


Magma 48 - Features A taste of what is inside Magma 48. Articles ‘A poem that pulsates’: Ten poets choose a poem they find beautiful and say why. Read the amazing range of choices by Polly Clark, Julia Copus, Martyn Crucefix, Maureen Duffy, Philip Gross, Jen Hadfield, Lorraine Mariner, Adam O’Riordan, Jacob Polley and Carol Rumens. Karen Solie: Encountering…
‘It was beautiful’ Laurie Smith asks: where are today’s beautiful poems? For this issue of Magma we asked people to send us poems on the theme ‘it was beautiful’ because we wondered if it was still possible to write poems about experiences, people, objects or places that the writer finds beautiful. We also wondered whether this would produce…
Encountering Frank O’Hara Karen Solie writes about a major inspiration I was working toward my undergraduate degree in English at the University of Lethbridge when I first read Frank O’Hara. Lethbridge is a small city in southern Alberta. When I lived there 20 years ago it was a bible-belt town, largely white, its industry based in feedlots and…
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