An over-familiar face hangs opposite me
Another unfamiliar face surfaces in my mind
You and I are having some organic carrots
Mixed with the inorganic flavour of affections
We try very hard to swallow the stale salmon
A big fishbone sticks in my throat
It refuses to go down
And it dares not come out of my mouth
It is called ‘Let’s break up’

The familiar face asks me as usual
“Shall we watch a movie this Saturday?”
I hope the stomach acid can dissolve my throat
And the fishbone there
Then I do not have to muster a response
“Sure” I say, and curve my lips to create a smile

Outside the windows a street of chaotic scenes
Suddenly it rains and everything is disfigured
My reflection too
I raise my head and spot the clock on the wall
One of its arms is the shape of a lazy bee
There is too much time
But too few fantasies