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Emma Henderson Through the Frame
Howard Wright Ash
Angela Kirby Happy ending
Pascale Petit The Singing Bowl
Caroline Natzler Quotation
Moniza Alvi Spit


Magma 29 in Poetry Library Archive The full contents of Magma 29 have been archived by the Poetry Library and can be accessed on their website, here.
Aspects of the Contemporary (ii):Neo-hogbutchererbigdriftities: tracing a line out of the mainstream Matthew Caley writes about his own practice, and notions of the ‘avant garde’ and its relation to the British mainstream. Note: the printed edition of the magazine contains a transcription error, for which Magma apologises. The correct version appears here. [i] It starts, as most things start, with Ezra Loomis Pound. Pound, the irascible, volcanic…
Aspects of the Contemporary (i):What good does it do? Poetry is alive and well in Britain. I doubt if it has ever been so abundant, various, and democratic. People write it and people read it; there is a lively sub-culture dedicated to its practice and enjoyment. Much gets published too, by some big houses and, still more creditably, by a determined fraternity of small…
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