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Roddy Lumsden Intramuros
Lynne Rees Visitors
John Stammers Haus
Julia Casterton Catkins
Tim Kindberg Blank heaven
Carrie Etter One Sunday Afternoon The Bearded Lady and The Floating Head Visit Corona del Mar
Tim Cumming Dancing with the Captain and Tennille


Magma 21 in the Poetry Library Archive The full contents of Magma 21 have been archived by the Poetry Library and can be accessed on their website, here.
Presiding Spirits In Presiding Spirits, Magma explores how a contemporary poet is influenced by the writing of a poet now dead. Here, the London-based American poet Michael Donaghy takes a poem from his most recent collection and explains to Mick Delap how its starting point, in a very literal sense, was one of the better known poems…
Seeing the city : Daniel Libeskind and William Blake Laurie Smith visits two exhibitions and finds a need for a poetry of the city. 1 From January to March this year, there was an exhibition of the architect Daniel Libeskind’s models and drawings at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London – a museum consisting of three Georgian houses filled with the Regency architect Soane’s…
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