1. Poetry Film: Poésie d’Alphaville – Paul Éluard

    Written by Wes Brown at March 10, 2016 15:00

    The rise of Poetry Film much like music videos and Fashion films, breathes contemporary life into work.

    Poesie D’alphaville by Paul Eluard is a timeless expression of love, Mathis Sananes directed with his team of Tara Trangmar (producer) and Eric Gonzalez Garcia (DOP). The short film is narrated by Yohan Agelou to bringtender visuals to this celebrated work. Combining poetry, music and motion picture, the project focuses on bridging three contemporary relationships with an eternally relevant text.

    Poésie d’Alphaville – Paul Éluard from Mathis Sananes on Vimeo.

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