Magma 65

Edited by Laurie Smith & Jane R Rogers

Might we be entering another revolutionary period?  Are the signs here? Do all the changes hold together or are little personal revolutions adding up to a major change?  Maybe our personal revolts are the most significant to us? In Magma 65 your…


From "The State Poetry is In" by Will Self ... Yet surely, just as in the twentieth century my own form, the novel, became defined not by itself and…
From "Poetry in Che Guevara's Revolution" by Jane R Rogers Action and poetry As well as diaries, books, essays, letters and speeches, Guevara wrote poetry, but considered poetry a “private affair”,…
From "Do we still need memorable poems? A revolutionary proposal" by Laurie Smith Poetry and expression of feelings Tom Chivers’ vision of “many more poets, writing in ever more diverse ways” is attractive, but…

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